Thanks for the recommendation in [censored]. I got out yesterday with a 25% gain on the June 25 puts (less risk than the September 25s). Maybe I should have waited for you to say when to get out.
Profile Picture - Testimonials
Steve N.
Thanks for the recommendation on [censored]... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bought the NOV 5.00 PUTS. I am sure many of your subscribers bought puts
Profile Picture - Testimonials
Alan J.
Thanks so much for the [censored] tip. Bought Puts and just sold yesterday for 166% profit. Maybe should have held a bit longer, but, hey I already made a pile of money !!! Can't say how much. Listen, honey...you ever get down here to Atlanta, let me know, you hear?.....I owe you lunch !!! Y'all have a great day!
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Alice S.
Got in and out on you rec for 163% gain - not bad for less than two weeks...just let us know when we should buy some more!!!
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Thank you for the very timely review which I found to be most helpful. I was pleasantly surprised that you felt my enquiry worthy of fronting your review to subscribers
Profile Picture - Testimonials
John H.
I cannot thank you enough for your response. I know you are a very busy person. I usually get no to poor replies out of other trading service newsletter analysts. Thank you again for your response. My Best to you and yours... Cheers
Profile Picture - Testimonials
Kim M.
Thanks so much for your comments on these stocks. I learned a lot just from your comments
Profile Picture - Testimonials
Jack N.
Thank you for your update. It's a great service to react so quickly as we readers of your service depend quite a bit on your opinion - not just with buying stocks but also selling. Realizing a loss is part of the game and okay as long as I feel that you're watching the situations. and do not forget - you guys have faster and better information available than most of us, another reason to buy your service. Looking forward to the next play.
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Markus U.
I am very happy with your recommendation to sell half my shares because I sold 25,000 which allowed me to get back more money than I originally invested and still have 25,000 shares. [censored] is still coming out with news stories that are very positive so I wanted to check with you to see if your advice stands to sit on half the original shares purchased.
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Marc R.
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George R.

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