Reflex Momentum Report

Reflex Momentum Report targets attractive micro to mid-cap stocks with strong growth prospects and favorable financials. Our analysts deploy advanced fundamental and technical analysis to filter opportunities, issue timely recommendations and provide members with consistent profits.

Portfolio Performance 2017 (equities data only, options excluded in results)
Average Return: +27.36% / Annualized Rate of Return: +130.09% (vs S&P 500 Index +21.83%)
Total Trades: 30 / Trading Win Rate: 90%
  • Proven fundamental foundation for every recommendation to secure initial quality of investment ideas prior to application of additional filters.
  • Complementary technical analysis to ensure timing of trades and price targeting. Elliott Wave, pattern breakouts, powerful indicators, trends, support/resistance and candlestick charting are all taken into account to achieve the most complete technical picture.    
  • Real-time email alerts that give you a “heads-up” on new recommendations, changes in outlook, revisions, and technical updates. You’ll always be aware of any move the Reflex team is making.
  • Stock Picks Monthly We're always scanning for the best trade setups in an effort to continually put your investment capital to work.
  • Free access to special reports and guides, which answer questions you might have about the "why" and "how" of Reflex Investor’s strategy and techniques.
  • Membership Email Support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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What Our Members Are Saying

Got in and out on you rec for 163% gain - not bad for less than two weeks...just let us know when we should buy some more!!!
I cannot thank you enough for your response. I know you are a very busy person. I usually get no to poor replies out of other trading service newsletter analysts. Thank you again for your response. My Best to you and yours... Cheers.
Kim M.
Thank you for the very timely review which I found to be most helpful. I was pleasantly surprised that you felt my enquiry worthy of fronting your review to subscribers
John H.
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