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Market-moving events are rarely new and almost never unique. Successful investors need to make their moves almost instinctually – as if they are a conditioned response, or a ‘reflex’.

Reflex Investor
shows you the smart moves to make – right now.

But how does Reflex do this, and do it differently than other independent investment research groups?

Reflex Investor’s unique investment formula combines sophisticated charting, forensic accounting, disciplined valuation, and good ole’ fashioned company visits and channel checks. In other words, we take the skills of a technician, an accountant, an investment banker, and an equity analyst – guys who are generally not allowed to work together – and who usually don’t play well with each other anyway – to make the most complete investment calls possible.

Wall Street analysts are typically ‘lone wolfs’ and their analytical techniques almost always favor their strong suits… and they scoff at everything else. Reflex Investor believes in an approach that marries seemingly disparate skills into one powerfully predictive package.

Outside of Wall Street, you will be hard-pressed to find informative, well produced, and useful content as you’ll find every month in Reflex Investor. What’s more, Reflex is unbiased, and accessible to all types of investors.

Reflex Investor shows its readers how to take deliberate, profitable action. There is no ambiguity here. Every move is detailed so that readers know what to buy, when to get in, how long to hold, and when to exit. Additionally, Reflex Investor shows alternate ways to get in on a great investment – catering to varying risk appetites and pocketbook sizes.

Reflex’s team of street-savvy analysts firmly believe that the best opportunities come from understanding as much as you can about individual investments – with a critical difference. Our team has to work fast – faster than analysts in bulge-bracket firms. That’s because once they are done initiating on 10, 15, or 20 stocks, they can coast. The Reflex team never coasts. It is finding its readers the best investments every single month, ad infinitum.

Our Chief Investment Strategist is a 20-year market veteran armed with a degree in Finance and an M.B.A. from a renowned university in New York. Fed up with the bureaucratic corporate environment and battle between investment philosophies, he broke free to give investors a “best of both worlds” approach. His proprietary system marries market timing with fundamental quality to capture consistent profits in any market.

In spite of the 2008 financial crisis, he has successfully delivered 47.01% annual returns on the underlying stocks recommended for members. Some of those winners include:

  • National Beverage FIZZ +92.99% in 176 days
  • Partner Communications PTNR +42.42% in 59 days
  • WuXi PharmaTech WX +174.73% in 544 days

His research has been featured in popular publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, SFO Magazine, Kiplinger’s, Askmen.com “Money & Power,” TheStreet.com, Seeking Alpha, Stock Trading Calls, etc. He was also a guest on KABC Talk Radio (Los Angeles) and KFNN Radio (Phoenix).

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.


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